Cretors Coater Mixer Tumbler Heavy Duty



SKU:CMT5A-XNorth America Dimensions:25.00″D x 26.00″W x 30.00″H — Shipping Weight Box (1) 40 lb — Shipping Weight Box (2) 16 lbMetric Dimensions:63.50D x 66.04W x 76.20H — Shipping Weight Box (1) 18 kg — Shipping Weight Box (2) 7.20 kgVoltage USA:120V/1/60HZ

Release your inner chef by creating your own flavors quickly and easily with our Heavy Duty Coater Mixer Tumbler. Ideal for nuts or popcorn, every piece is evenly coated with your choice of either sweet or savory coatings. The aluminum 60 quart bowl easily lifts off rubber rollers and can be washed in the sink for easy cleanup. Ideal for high production operations.

  • One-switch operation
  • Powder or liquid coating can be used
  • Additional blades aviable for coarser mixtures
  • 80 quart bowl available part #12807-ASSY


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